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Performs OSINT scan on email/domain/ip_address/organization using OSINT-SPY.

Starting from Espionage and ending at OSINT, our data gathering techniques has been developed magnificently.Using OSINT-SPY you can gather data from various public API. It can be used by Data Miners, Infosec Researchers, Penetration Testers and cyber crime investigator in order to find deep information about their target.

Search Filters

What you can search


Find information about particular email address like geolocation,work history,social profile and so on.

IP Address

Find information about particular IP including server detail, publicly connected IOT devices,SSL certificates and so on.

Bitcoin Information

Find out latest bitcoin block chain information and search information of particular bitcoin address.


Find out information about particular organization or website like alexa_rank,location,email_address,total employees and so on.

Social Accounts

Collect all the posts of particular person from twitter,facebook and linkedin.

SSL Certificates

Search all SSl certificates , ciphers and check whether particular website is vulnerable to heartbleed or not .