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OSINT as the Emerging Future Intelligence Architecture of NATO

Apart from being inexpensive, and highly efficient, OSINT has become a compulsory investment for modern businesses, private organizations, government agencies and military or defense forces among others due to its high return on investment potentials. Both government and private sectors are splurging top dollar in training, resources, time and equipment for effective collection of intelligence.

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Understanding the Open Source Intelligence Cycle

Having a good understanding of the open source intelligence cycle is the key to yielding valuable results when applied. The intelligence process revolves around discovery, discrimination, distillation and ultimately dissemination. Each of these components is vital to making the whole analytical approach successful. An effective OSINT cycle makes it possible for governments, organizations, and private sector investors to access and harness valuable information in an ethical and legal method.

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Sources of OSINT | OSINT Sources

As humans, we depend on numerous covert sources of information in order to have a clear understanding of how the world operates. Different players such as Governments, private sector firms, Non-Governmental Organizations, national intelligence agencies, religious organizations and the media have a reputation for investing heavily in intelligence gathering.

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